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Description: A 3day training for Advanced Voice Solutions + Graphics
Technicians, system specialist, programmer and everyone who has to do with VA or PA systems
Topics: Review of the conponent, New components, Review of functionality, New functions, Trouble shooting techniques
Functions and device configuration as used internal in the System via VCF –Variodyn, Configuration Files
PA-Server PA-MMI Program structure
Initial Files and Variodyn Configuration
Graphic Interface
Other information: Update of programming of the system and knowledge about new features
The participants will be able to follow the ongoing courses
The system configuration will be known and be used for 3rd party applications or the
PA-Server and PA-MMI
A participant will be able to understand the functionality of the graphic user
Interface of D1 and set up a simple System (up to 3 or 4 Doms)
A participant will be able to make changes depending of configuration changes of the D1 System
A participant will be able to change the graphic layout
Trouble shooting techniques

Training hours: 24
Location: NOTIFIER
Course lessons: Feedback- HWV1002-EN
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Language: Branch
Professors: Nicolas Tannous
Units: 1
Lesson content
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