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Objectives: This is a five-day program of instruction which encompasses a review of hardware configuration of the XLS-140, and the XLS3000, as well as intensive training of the programming principles used to prepare the FACP to specification. Programming of the system will include all levels of authorization [Basic and Alter Status functions], as well as training of basic networking programming principles. Program training of the systems will be accomplished both on a live training system and through the use of the current off-line programming tool – VeriFire Tools. System maintenance [to include system firmware upgrades] and report functions will also be covered.
Emphasis will be placed on the available means of Control-By-Event (CBE) programming with the use of the various types of applicable software zones. Network function training will be limited to the capability of Cooperative Control-By-Event (CCBE) programming specific to the particular system
Learning method: Instructor Led Course
Training hours: 40
Location: Honeywell
Course lessons: Feedback - NF1001-UL
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Language: Branch
Professors: Mohammad Abdelraouf, Mahmoud Abu Aisha, Liffey Jun Pacana
Units: 2
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