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Description: XLS - Panel Training Course
Objectives: This is a five-day program of instruction which encompasses a review of hardware configuration of the XLS-140, and the XLS3000, as well as intensive training of the programming principles used to prepare the FACP to specification. Programming of the system will include all levels of authorization [Basic and Alter Status functions], as well as training of basic networking programming principles. Program training of the systems will be accomplished both on a live training system and through the use of the current off-line programming tool – VeriFire Tools. System maintenance [to include system firmware upgrades] and report functions will also be covered.
Emphasis will be placed on the available means of Control-By-Event (CBE) programming with the use of the various types of applicable software zones. Network function training will be limited to the capability of Cooperative Control-By-Event (CCBE) programming specific to the particular system

1. Have a working knowledge of basic fire alarm systems.
2. Be familiar with basic computer functions, such as copy, paste, search, etc.
3. Have an understanding of Boolean Algebraic concepts and experience in programming fire panels.
4. Have a working version of the latest Honeywell Verifire tools software (unlicensed) installed on the laptop brought to class.

Assessment: Evaluation of students understanding will be accomplished by combining the scores of the programming projects furnished [weighted at 30%], the written final examination [weighted at 50%], training attendance [weighted 10%] and the written quiz [weighted at 10%] to establish a final course grade, which must be 75% or higher. The written final examination must also have a score of 65% or higher.
It is also a mandatory for the students to perform the "ONLINE FEEDBACK" on the last day of the class.
Other information: All classes will be conducted 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (local time), unless otherwise noted. The instructor reserves the right to make changes to the daily schedule during the course, as needed. IMPORTANT NOTES: Honeywell MEA suggests that attending students NOT make air travel arrangements back to their home location before 7:00PM (local time) on the final day of the class. It is strongly recommended that airfare travel arrangements made be refundable in case of class cancellation.
Learning method: Instructor Led Course
Training hours: 40
Location: Honeywell
Course lessons: Feedback- HW1001-UL
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Professors: Liffey Jun Pacana
Units: 1
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